As your Life & Health Coach,

I am your accountability partner, counselor, and personal cheerleader.

With the education and background of both psychology and life coaching, I get to use the best of both worlds to help guide you to what is most important to you.

Together, we will look at all of the spokes of your life and see what areas need support, create a plan of action, and let the growth begin. We examine the unique perspective of your life and reveal anything that has been standing in your way of living to your highest potential.

I will assist you in the reduction of self-defeating behaviors, poor boundaries, unhealthy patterns, blocks, past traumas, fears, self-judgment, and negativity that keeps you from living a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

There are many behavioral, psychological, unconscious, biological, and hereditary factors that influence the physical body, our thoughts, and daily actions. Through the integrative approach of these explorations and therapeutic modalities I provide, you will gain clarity in your life to make better decisions, improve your relationships, discover purpose, and feel a new sense of confidence and peace.

Many of my clients say our work together has helped them maintain “clear and positive thinking”, “self-discipline”, “confidence”, “a positive self-image”, “inspiration”, and simply more energy to feel “good”.

My support is personally tailored to you and your lifestyle. My techniques are gentle, sincere, compassionate, and fun. I will help you accomplish your goals and put action to what your heart longs for. With my coaching, you can expect a positive transformation inside and out.


Crystal Stone

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