I have done extensive research and tried to narrow down a reliable and professional holistic center. I was referred to this center, after months of research and watching their educational videos I scheduled an appointment. I saw Anthony Frank for my initial appt. and it was great! Their collaborative and professional approach was stellar and it made me feel confident to collaborate and work together to find the root of my problems, rather than just treating the symptoms w drugs as it is seen with conventional doctors.

I've never felt so empowered after my 1 hour analysis, not only with education of the why but with the solutions via customized plans and supplement aids. After 1 month I already feel the difference in the different problems I was treated. I now have a followup appt. to analyze the different tests I did during my visit. Not only my doctor was friendly and helpful but also the rest of the staff there which I talked to. I HIGHLY recommend their practice to anyone. I wish they would extend their practice and or teach others their magic. The world would be a better place if they did 🙂

A G. Avatar
A G.

5 star ratingWe love Nourish Medical. Dr Roumel has been great to work with, helping my son with his allergies and immunity issues. The entire staff is great to work with. I see Dr Jess and she has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend!

Cass R. Avatar
Cass R.

5 star ratingI am so thankful I found Nourish Medical Center. I was on a quest for a good doctor who could help my 12 year old. After failed attempts with our pediatrician and endocrinologist, he had increasing symptoms of hypothyroidism and newer symptoms of IBS that started to effect his (and my) daily life so severely that I was on a frantic mission to find a doctor that could go in-depth with us and QUICKLY. Having a child that just seems to be getting sicker with no clear answers is so frightening. We met with Dr. Stewart and I told her all of my concerns and nothing I said was dismissed or considered unimportant. This was such a relief! Dr. Stewart ordered tests that other doctors never ordered, and I will be eternally grateful that she did. She created a plan to both help his thyroid immediately as well as a plan find the source of the problem. We are currently in the process of figuring out his diagnosis, but ALL of his IBS symptoms have disappeared and the thyroid medication that Dr. Stewart prescribed him has resulted in labs that have greatly improved over a three month period. I could not be more grateful.

Katie B. Avatar
Katie B.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the doctors and office staff at Nourish. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how amazing they are and how much I love them! I have been working with Dr. Starr and Dr. DJ for almost a year now and I cannot believe the amount of progress I have seen! I love how they both take such a full body approach to healing; no symptom is too small or too insignificant to address and they work their tails off to get to the root cause of every single one. I remember crying after my first appointment with each of them because I finally found doctors who actually listened to me and were not rushing me out of the room to get to their next appointments.
I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's Thyroid Disease a few years ago (along with a whole host of digestive issues and terrible stomach pains) and in less than a year of working with Dr. Starr my thyroid levels and antibodies are finally within their normal range and I cannot believe how good I feel on a day to day basis! With Dr. Starr, I worked on detoxing through herbs and I was able to pass hundreds of parasites in no time.
I was also diagnosed with a scarring form of alopecia causing a lot of inflammation on my scalp, so Dr. Starr suggested that I pay a visit to their hair and skin expert, Dr. DJ. Dr. DJ took me under her wing and immediately got me on an amazing hair and scalp routine. My scalp inflammation is finally gone and I am now finding baby hairs in places I haven't seen new growth in over six years! Dermatologists in the past had always told me that minoxidil was my only option and I am so glad I chose to listen to Dr. DJ and Dr. Starrr who are healing me from the inside out. I love how the doctors here work together and put their patients first. These women are both absolute angels on earth! I know that they have both spent countless hours of their own time helping me and researching ways to heal my autoimmune diseases instead of just masking my symptoms. After visiting about 40 different dermatologists, endocrinologists, etc, and being ignored for my hair loss and digestive issues, I am always blown away by how much these women care about me and my health. They are both truly so selfless, knowledgable, and caring! I cannot thank Dr. DJ and Dr. Starr enough, as they have truly changed my life.
Aside from all of the wonderful doctors here, I absolutely love the office staff as well! They are always so welcoming, friendly, and incredibly helpful when it comes to billing and insurance. They are very upfront about the out of pocket costs of every test, visit, procedure, etc and are always willing to bill eligible items, like bloodwork, through my insurance. I believe the costs are very reasonable considering the care and knowledge you receive from the doctors here. I cannot recommend this office enough!

Katie C. Avatar
Katie C.

5 star ratingI recently went to Nourish for a PRP facial with Dr Natiya. Dr Natiya is a naturopathic doctor and one of her specialties is skin care. I have had PRP done elsewhere and hers are the best by far. She uses the very latest equipment and gets the best results. She is also very gentle and there is absolutely no pain or discomfort and minimal downtime. Her prices are quite reasonable compared to others doing this. She has also developed a gorgeous skin care line based on all natural ingredients from Greece. Ive seen her several times and my skin looks amazing. Furthur, she is lovely to work with personally and really takes time to discover what will be best for you. I bought her skin care line when I was there and the products Im using are wonderful. I strongly recommend this experience if you want to do something extraordinary for your skin.

Ruth S. Avatar
Ruth S.

5 star ratingDr. Stewart and the staff at Nourish Medical are truly exceptional. Everyone in the office is so helpful, kind and caring. I have been a patient for over 3 years and couldn't be happier with my progress. Dr. Stewart has helped me manage hormone balancing as well as my overall health. During my visits, she is thorough, very detailed and is such a great listener. It's so nice to have a doctor that truly cares about all of your needs and concerns. Virtual appointments during the Covid crisis have been extremely beneficial. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and Nourish Medical Center!

Connie Y. Avatar
Connie Y.

5 star ratingI recommend Nourish Medical Center to everyone I know!! Dr. Starr has completely changed my life. I first met her earlier this year after finding out I had the E. Coli bacteria. Not only did she relieve my pain and discomfort from the E. Coli, but she did comprehensive tests to check my overall health because of digestive issues I mentioned I had in the past. To my surprise, I had been living with many food sensitivities, poor adrenal gland function, and leaky gut without my knowledge. Not only is Dr. Starr healing me, she is doing it naturally!! She has a holistic approach and has taught me the food we eat is so important to our mental, physical, and emotional health. I can't thank her enough for all she has done, and I look forward to each visit.

Emily R. Avatar
Emily R.

5 star ratingFor several years, we took our son (now 7 years old) to specialists for chronic, and sometimes severe eczema. They prescribed all sorts of pharmaceuticals that I refused to put on him due to black box cancer warnings, etc. I asked my allergist if he could see my son, and said he does not see children but that "he could look at him and tell he has food allergies." The problem was, he had been tested for food allergies by a pediatric allergist at Rady, and the results were negative. I started reading about food sensitivities online and eventually made an appointment with Dr. Gelman to do sensitivity testing. The test showed that he had the highest inflammatory response to eggs and almonds. Prior to that, I regularly fed him eggs and almonds thinking they were healthy. Within 1 month of removing these items from his diet, he was completely cured of this condition that had plagued him since he was a baby. Thank you Nourish!

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Charity F.

5 star ratingDr. Stewart is who I chose to see after reading specialties of everyone. I started seeing her a while back but waited on a review so I could give one that's more in depth. And it's really this simple, she's the best! In all the ways.. 1-Knowing what labs you need 2-Compassion to your situation 3-Getting the right supplement/treatment to you. And she, though not a counselor, helped me more than my counselor did during this time of my sad life situations. Which is totally unexpected when seeing someone for health care not emotional care. If I could give more than 5 stars to her I would!

I also know someone who has gone to Dr. Star and had a great experience. I have to shout out to Ashley the front office manager, she is always so on it, and ready to help the staff and is always a happy smiling face to see and connect with.
5+ for the center
I also have been seeing Crystal Stone for coaching and left a review on her yelp about her magical ways!
Thank you Nourish!

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Julz G.