Glutathione Q&A with Dr. Anthony Frank

Glutathione Q&A with Dr. Anthony Frank

–What is Glutathione?
Glutathione is a major antioxidant that is considered essential in multiple processes in the body. It is involved in the creation of DNA and proteins, in the metabolism of toxins, as a protective antioxidant and is also involved in immune function.

–What can it help with?
It can help with pain, detoxification, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, asthma, allergies and is considered anti-aging.

–How can someone test for deficiencies?
Testing for deficiencies can be done through a blood draw and measurement of direct blood levels or via a micronutrient panel to assess not only intracellular glutathione but also for oxidation and immune status.

–I’ve heard it can be hard to absorb, how can I boost my levels?
You can take glutathione orally by taking a liposomal glutathione or by taking it’s precursor, NAC. However, glutathione can have strong sulfur taste and some people don’t tolerate the taste well. Two other common delivery methods are intravenous and nebulized glutathione. Both provide a great opportunity for the body to absorb glutathione without the strong taste.

–What is nebulized glutathione?
Nebulizers are medical devices that are used to give nutrients and medications in the form of a mist. Inhaling a nutrient is one of the quickest ways to absorb it into the body
and blood stream. Nebulized glutathione has more beneficial properties for the respiratory system, especially if there is increased inflammation. I made a short video showing more details on NourishTV or you can click HERE ( to view on our Nourish YouTube

–Nebulized glutathione case:
During the cold and flu season, I had a patient with a severe upper respiratory infection. Her most prominent symptom was a hacking cough. After her lung examination and x rays were cleared, we did a nebulized glutathione treatment. The next day she reported that she had her first night without waking up due to her hacking cough. After another treatment, she was back to 100%.

–IV glutathione case:
I recently had a patient who experienced nerve and joint pain that I recommended IV Glutathione to. The initial treatment brought slight relief of pain but as we increased the dosage, she noted that she could do a lot more physical activity without the need for any of her pain medications.