Dr. Natiya Guin


Dr. Natiya Guin,

Naturopathic Doctor

*Each Nourish Medical Center associate provider is an independent contractor working collaboratively to provide complete wellness care for our patients.
Credentials, Education, & Achievements:

Licensed by the State of California Naturopathic Medicine Committee

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine

Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Education, Loyola Marymount University

Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of California Santa Barbara.

Assistant Professor at Bastyr University

Instructor and course creator for the University of California San Diego: Medical Ethics, National Certification for Health Coaching (NHWBC).

Regenerative Skin/hair treatment trainer: exosome utilization for providers

Nationally board-certified health and wellness coach

Author and self-publisher of the book, A Family That Grows Together, medical editing for INM, and regular contribution of photography and writing for multiple health publications

Member of California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM), Institute for National Medicine (INM), LearnSkin

Why I became a doctor?

From the time I was a toddler I was surfing, hiking, doing yoga, and was raised with a deep understanding that nature heals. I was also in the sun constantly and wanted to learn how to protect myself and others from the sun damage while still enjoying being outside!

My mom went to acupuncture school and is a massage therapist; she made soap and lotion from herbs and plants we grew when I was a child and it inspired me to utilize the safest and healthiest ingredients possible in all aspects of nutrition and selfcare. She also made people look and feel amazing with facial massage which I learned from her when I went to massage school at 21 years old!

I have 4 nurses in my family and have always been drawn to caring for others.

I received my greatest lesson in patient centered medicine when I was recovering from a motor vehicle accident as a child. My best friend and I were hit by a truck while walking home from school and I had to recover not only from the physical pain of breaking over a dozen bones, but also the emotional trauma from seeing my friend hurt. My Mother opted to first treat my spinal injuries with bodywork, chiropractic care, and inflammation reducing herbs and nutrients, before considering the recommended cervical spine fusion. Within three years I was on my High School gymnastics team and won 1st place in my division on Vault… with only natural forms of healing and no surgery.

What conditions I love to treat:

Skin conditions for all ages including acne, psoriasis, eczema (atopic dermatitis), rashes, scars, premature aging, sun damage, healthy aging/collagen support

Digestive health

Personal care product education- review of home, nutrition and skin/hair products, label reading etc.

Digestive concerns manifesting in skin reactions

Hormonal/endocrine concerns manifesting in skin reactions

Healing skin from within: detective work to determine cause of skin/hair concerns

Rejuvenation therapies for skin and hair

Exosome Facials

PRP Facials

LED light treatment

Facial massage/guasha

Art and movement therapy

Things you may not know about me:

I won my first surfing competition in high school then decided it was more fun to surf with my mom and cousins.. I never competed again and that was the best decision ever. The ocean provides my peace, my meditation, my favorite time with my “ohana”. I have since taught my kids and their dad to surf.

I was an 8th grade science teacher for 5 years and created the first after-school yoga program in East and Central Los Angeles. I then became a charter school program director and focused on increasing nutrition and environmental health for underprivileged students.

While working in education I saw first-hand how acne caused anxiety and depression for my students and I was inspired to help them heal and regain their confidence.

When my second child was born with severe eczema and no conventional treatments helped her, I created an organic salve that made a world of difference: combined with removing her triggers (food sensitivities) her skin completely resolved. Her experience led me to create safe and sustainable skincare for people of all ages: Deep Living Skincare.

I starred in a prenatal yoga DVD with the yoga instructor who guided me through all three of my pregnancies. I have a passion for telling inspiring health stories through photography and writing…I’m a mompreneur and have had a photography business for over 25 years, publishing stories collaborating health leaders who inspire me.

I’m a huge ethics nerd and have spoken on medical ethics at multiple conferences in addition to teaching it at University level. Increasing ethics in skincare is my passion as there are over 2000 harmful chemicals used in products in the USA that should be banned.

I have three amazing children who love sushi and surfing (not at the same time); my oldest daughter is a competitive gymnast, my middle daughter is a soccer player and the boss of the whole family, and my son does karate and loves art!

5 star ratingRecently I had the pleasure of going in for a PRP facial (vampire facial) with Dr. Natiya Guin.

RUN. Don't walk on your way to get an appointment with her. She is maybe the kindest most down to earth doctor I've ever met, and made me feel so comfortable and safe (even amidst the Covid craziness) throughout the whole procedure. It felt more like a day at the spa than a medical procedure with the warm towels and comfy pillows, and the the PRP injections didn't hurt AT ALL.

I have also previously purchased her custom, vegan and organic skincare that is safe to use even after a procedure like this, ( amazinggraceskincare.com ) and WOW this stuff will change your life. I have used EVERYTHING under the sun (beauty counter, primal you're etc etc) and this is by far the best.

One of the best experiences I can remember in a doctors office to date
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Brooke Z. Avatar
Brooke Z.
5 star ratingI recently went to Nourish for a PRP facial with Dr Natiya. Dr Natiya is a naturopathic doctor and one of her specialties is skin care. I have had PRP done elsewhere and hers are the best by far. She uses the very latest equipment and gets the best results. She is also very gentle and there is absolutely no pain or discomfort and minimal downtime. Her prices are quite reasonable compared to others doing this. She has also developed a gorgeous skin care line based on all natural ingredients from Greece. Ive seen her several times and my skin looks amazing. Furthur, she is lovely to work with personally and really takes time to discover what will be best for you. I bought her skin care line when I was there and the products Im using are wonderful. I strongly recommend this experience if you want to do something extraordinary for your skin.
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Ruth S. Avatar
Ruth S.
I’m recommending Nourish to all of my friends and family! I was looking for services to help me age gracefully. I came across exosomes treatment and saw that Nourish provides this service. I was able to book quickly and easily with the staff. The intake process was streamlined since the office provided intake forms via email, so I could fill them out before my scheduled appointment. They even had to call to remind me and resend them which I really appreciated! 🤪 The office is so welcoming, clean and tastefully decorated. The front desk admin, Alex, Coleen and all of the staff were so sweet and checked me in right away. My exosomes treatment was with Dr. Natiya Guin. She was very kind, nourishing, and explained the treatment with a lot of detail. She provided information on what I should do after the treatment as well. I felt very taken care of during the whole appointment and knew exactly what to expect. It was a wonderful experience, and I plan to have more treatments. I’m referring all of my friends to Nourish and Dr. Natiya!
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