Talitha Hooks


Talitha Hooks,

Phlebotomist, Naturopathic Assistant

My roles at Nourish Medical Center:

Provide blood draws, lab kit education and administer Nourish Vitamin Shots

Manage inventory and support laboratory operations

Create a serene and safe environment for the Nourish doctors, staff and patients

As a certified phlebotomy technician, Talitha has advanced experience with blood draws for patients of all ages. Key qualities that we love about Talitha is that she is skilled, adaptable and tech-savvy. All of these are important qualities with a Naturopathic lab, especially when working with many different lab companies and functional tests. Our lab orders are very individualized to each patient and their unique needs with insurance coverage and investigation in finding the root cause of their dis-ease. We take pride in having an in-office phlebotomist, as it allows us to offer patient ease of scheduling and receiving results in a timely and organized manner.