A Message from Dr. Starr Ramson


Hey Nourish Community!

On May 27th I became a mom of another healthy boy. I never knew how big my heart could grow. I am back to work and so inspired to support other women with their healing journeys.    Women carry such a load on our shoulders. From seeking to become a mother to recovering from pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, from building careers to orchestrating an overwhelming household, from struggling to feel beautiful to coping with debilitating symptoms of GI or urinary disturbance, mental health struggles, hormone imbalance, toxic burden, etc. and yet always holding it together. I am back with a renewed sense of purpose to spread a message…woman, you are enough! You are more than enough. And you do not need to do or to produce anything to make that so.

You are soft and rugged, you are wise and goofy, you are kind and fierce. You don’t need to choose. You are everything you want to be. And I believe you can heal.

-Dr. Starr