Struggling with GI Issues?

Hey Nourish community,

Hi, I’m Dr Christina Martinez! I’m a wife and a mother of an incredibly wonderful 2 year old boy. I have been in practice as a Naturopathic doctor for over a decade. More than half of that has been at Nourish Medical Center, a wonderful top-notch clinic that has been a pleasure to be a part of. I continue to fall in love with this field and my work because I see the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. Often, our work can transform lives and have patients wonder, “Where has a doctor like this been all my life?!” Or, “Why hasn’t anyone ever discovered the root causes of my issues?”

I specialize in and love treating GI issues. However, because I treat the WHOLE person, patients not only find relief with their GI symptoms but also start feeling better in EVERY way.  I understand that gut issues can be related to the health of your immune system and/or nervous system and can be impacted greatly by stress levels, hormones and nutritional status.

For instance, I recently had a case with a teenager that had been having gut issues since she was a baby. She experienced terrible gas/bloating and some level of digestive pain daily. She also developed debilitating anxiety at times where she was fearful of leaving home and the family had not been able to take any trips together. Along with GI issues, she also presented with seasonal allergies, eczema, and focus issues. We ran a food sensitivity panel and a stool test to assess for microbial imbalances and found food sensitivities along with dysbiotic microbes (microbes that were way out of balance). After treating her for about 3 months, her GI symptoms resolved along with her anxiety, eczema and focus issues. The transformation was profound and she is much happier in her daily life and the family is now able to travel together.

This is the type of impact that Naturopathic medicine can have in someone’s life and I’m grateful to be a conduit for that.

I also love treating fatigue/burn-out and hormonal concerns like PMS or hypothyroidism.
So if you have a GI or health concern come take a deep dive with me into your whole self and start feeling better in every way!

You asked, we listened!

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