Happy February!

Hey Nourish Community,

Dr. Natasha Monterey here wishing everyone a very happy February!  I think we can all agree that January 2022 was the "January-est January of all"!

Commercially February is known as the month of love, which means it is a great time to talk about hormones! Odds are you have heard the phrase "Hormone Imbalance", but what does that mean? How does it feel? What can you do about it?  

These are all excellent questions and luckily Naturopathic Doctors are experts in hormone health and how to get your body back into balance.  Here are a few fun facts about hormones that you may not know:

  • Did you know that a single night of sleeplessness can stimulate insulin resistance?  Insulin resistance is a component in type 2 diabetes, thus implying that sleep deprivation can be a major factor in the origin of type 2 diabetes.
  • A common misconception is that women are "hormonal" when they start their periods but actually the levels of estrogen and progesterone are lowest when women start their periods.
  • Did you know there are FIFTY different kinds of hormones that our bodies make and circulate? Now that is a complex system!

Some of the most powerful changes you can make for your hormones are simple (but not easy!) and involve lifestyle changes.  Get enough sleep on a regular schedule (the more hours of sleep before midnight the better).  Eat balanced meals and avoid snacking, clean up your environment, avoid alcohol, smoking, refined sugar, and processed foods, and mitigate your stress as much as possible. Easy enough, right?  Truly though, these changes can make a huge impact on bringing your body back to homeostasis.  If you're interested in getting a more customized plan, schedule a visit today!

Here is a clip from our recent Nourish Connections Webinar where we discussed common conditions that can affect your hormones:

Conditions Affecting Fertility 

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Be well!

- Dr. Natasha

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