Lots of Updates at Nourish Medical Center

Hello Nourish Family! We're thrilled to announce the addition of three outstanding doctors to our team: Dr. Kirstin Uncur, Dr. Natiya Guin, and Dr. Chris Farrelly. Additionally, we're excited to welcome two new patient care coordinators, Ashley Murch and Michelle Kunstmann, as well as a skilled phlebotomist and naturopathic assistant, Talitha Hooks. Next time you're at Nourish Medical Center, please take a moment to extend a warm welcome and introduce yourself!



Meet Dr. Kirstin Uncur

Dr. Uncur comes to us with an impressive background and a passion for thyroid, hormone, and mental health concerns. Dr. Uncur has already shown great dedication to assisting Dr Stewart’s busy patient schedule and we are confident that her skills and enthusiasm will be valuable assets to our clinic.


Meet Dr. Natiya Guin

Dr. Guin has moved back to San Diego and rejoined Nourish Medical Center! Dr. Guin knows all about skin care. She can help with acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, scars, aging skin, sun damage, and more. She's great at figuring out skin problems related to hormones and gut health. She also offers special treatments like Microneedling Facials with Exosomes or PRP and offers supplement/product review consults.


Meet Dr. Chris Farrelly

Dr Chris is now offering Nutritional IVs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Nourish. Whether you’re feeling stressed, sick or need supportive care for a specific condition, nutritional IVs can help. Nutritional infusion therapy allows for us to give your body what it needs at higher therapeutic doses for better absorption and results. Call our office today to schedule your IV appointment with Dr Chris.


Meet Ashley Murch, Patient Care Coordinator

We are so excited to have Ashley return as a patient care coordinator at Nourish Medical Center. Ashley has such a positive energy while providing answers to patient questions and concerns.  We are grateful for her experience and how she leaves our patients feeling well taken care of. Ashley shares, “I am so excited to return home to what I love most. It is such an honor to be a part of this team.”


Meet Michelle Kunstmann, Patient Care Coordinator

“Working for Nourish Medical Center as a Patient Care Coordinator caught my attention for several reasons. I have found myself getting increasingly frustrated with traditional medical evaluations with “being a number” and being made to feel as if my problems are “just the way life is”.  I enjoy the outlook Nourish has on treating the root of the problem and the value of listening to the individual, not just masking the illness or a one-size-fits-all ideology. I love being a part of making someone else feel as hopeful and as heard as I did!”


Meet Talitha Hooks, Phlebotomist Naturopathic Assistant

As a certified phlebotomy technician, Talitha has advanced experience with blood draws for patients of all ages. Key qualities that we love about Talitha is that she is skilled, adaptable and tech-savvy. All of these are important qualities with a Naturopathic lab, especially when working with many different lab companies and functional tests. Our lab orders are very individualized to each patient and their unique needs with insurance coverage and investigation in finding the root cause of their dis-ease. We take pride in having an in-office phlebotomist, as it allows us to offer patient ease of scheduling and receiving results in a timely and organized manner.

With the assistance of all the wonderful doctors and staff at Nourish Medical Center, we can continue to grow while maintaining an excellent level of care and availability for new and existing patients.  If you have health concerns, new goals or a family member that wants to join and become a patient at Nourish Medical Center, now's a great time to schedule!

And while we are very excited to welcome 6 new team members to Nourish, we are also sad to say goodbye to Jackie Demps, Brandon Lacey and Dr. Rubaina Dang.  They have played a crucial role in our growth throughout the years, and we extend our best wishes for their success and happiness in the next chapter of their lives.

And finally, I want to thank YOU for being a part of this Nourish community!  I’m so happy to share our growth as a small business and to witness the impact that naturopathic medicine makes on so many patients and their family’s lives. 

In health and gratitude,

Dr. Adrienne Stewart