Now Offering Nutrient & Hydration IV Treatments on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Exciting news! We’re now offering nutrient and hydration IV treatments on Thursdays in addition to our existing appointments on Tuesdays! 

Experience the power of personalized wellness as our expert naturopathic doctor Dr. Waterhouse delivers essential nutrients directly into your system, giving you an incredible boost and supporting your overall well-being. 

Whether you're seeking immune support, enhanced energy, detoxification, or simply a revitalizing experience, we've got you covered. IVs are an amazing way to boost your body while or after a period of illness or stress. 

Visit us at Nourish Medical Center and unlock the incredible benefits of Nutrient IV Therapy. 

Booking your appointment is just a click away. Click THIS link and choose nutrient IV infusions to save your spot or give us a call, and let us guide you on this transformative wellness journey.


To your health, 

Dr. Adrienne Stewart