Welcome Dr. Rubaina Dang

Hey Nourish community,

We are so excited to introduce Dr. Rubaina Dang, ND to Nourish Medical Center!

Dr. Dang is passionate about treating all things gut and skin. She firmly believes that many diseases stem from the gut, so she likes to take a comprehensive approach when it comes to working with her patients. Suffering from bloating, chronic diarrhea or constipation, significant fatigue after meals, recurrent yeast infections, or just generalized sluggishness? You’re not alone! She has worked extensively with multiple experts in the field of integrative gastroenterology to deeply understand where various imbalances occur to treat them for good.

Suffering from adult acne, eczema or rashes, rosacea, psoriasis or other skin concerns? Dr. Dang loves to work on identifying the underlying cause of your skin concerns. For instance, did you know that adult acne can come from intestinal candida, an overgrowth of streptococcus in the gut, or a condition called PCOS? Through further testing, we can evaluate your hormones or microbiome to see what may be contributing to the cause.

While optimizing the body from the inside out, she also loves to do regenerative procedures. One of her specialties is PRP microneedling, which utilizes your body’s own plasma in combination with an FDA approved microneedling pen, to stimulate collagen production, helping significantly reduce acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots. In addition, PRP can be injected into the scalp to help with hair regeneration. Suffering from post-covid hair loss, or have had a significant amount of hair shed following pregnancy and postpartum? PRP hair regeneration can stimulate the hair follicles to become active again. Additionally, it’s not only for women, it can also help men with preventing androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, from worsening.

In addition to comprehensive lab testing and regenerative procedures, she loves to assist individuals be their healthiest selves - working on tailoring diet plans, providing detailed information on nutrition, and figuring out which food groups may be most and least beneficial for you and your body type. She believes that if the foundations for health aren’t met appropriately, it’s hard to continue the roadmap to healing. She’ll work on optimizing sleep, exercise, and stress reducing practices.

As a former athlete, she understands the demands that physical fitness plays on the body, so she loves to work with other athletes to optimize performance and recovery, while ensuring that they are getting their appropriate nutrient needs.

Fun fact: she currently is working on a skincare line and loves to tailor specific skincare products to your skin concerns. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the products on the market, have Dr. Dang help break it down for you.

We will be hosting our June Nourish Connections Member Workshop on Saturday, June 25th. We will be showing you how to create a natural first aid kit for your home!

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