Dr. Jessica Peatross


Dr. Jessica Peatross,

Medical Doctor

Dr. Jess is no longer seeing patients one-on-one at Nourish Medical Center.  She is offering her online membership at WellnessPlus by Dr. Jess where she offers webinars, live Q&As, vlogs, blogs and podcasts.

If you have any questions, please reach out to her support staff at support@drjessmd.com
Credentials, Education, & Achievements:

Licensed by the State of California Medical Board

Top 1/3 of class

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Worked as a hospitalist for six years before getting functional training

Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a minor in psychology from the University of Louisville

Trained in Gerson therapy, an alternative and intensive treatment for cancer

Trained in Ozonotherapy and Neuroemotional Technique

Former medical director at Adventist Hospital in Oregon

Expert in Cannabis, CBD, and Stealth Infections including Lyme & Mold

Why I became a doctor?

My whole family works is in the healthcare field and as a kid I was always visiting my parents at the hospital where they worked. It seemed like a natural place and career for me since the discussions around the dinner table were usually about health, science and nutrition. My mom was a dietician and heavily influenced my disciplined diet and exercise regimen.When I was 17, I was in a severe car accident where I sustained a fractured back. My best friend was paralyzed from the event and this pushed me to understand the science of healing and to provide better treatment of chronic pain than what could be provided with addictive narcotics. I became even more interested in healing and medicine because of that tragically scary event. Today I am really driven to change others’ lives through empowerment and true education about health.

What I love to treat:

Stealth Infections including Mold, Lyme & EBV

Hormonal Imbalances

Adrenal Fatigue



Candida and digestive issues


Things you may not know about me:

I’m from a small town in West Virginia that became the overdose capital of the USA a few years back due to the opiate addiction. This propelled me to branch out and become educated in cannabis, which is quite successful at treating narcotic addiction and chronic pain issues.

I was a former gymnast and now an avid yogi. In fact, I’m also a certified yoga instructor

My only baby is my fur baby, Blaze, my 5 year old dog who I rescued from the Humane Society

I had a personal awakening in late 2012 after realizing that conventional medicine does not get to the root cause of diseases and often only offers pills to patients. For this reason, I began my functional medicine training as well as Gerson therapy residency and ozonotherapy courses. Although classically trained in western medicine, I practice more like a naturopath with a twist of eastern medicine added in for good measure.

I began my own business in 2016 and now have my own website where I avidly write and educate the public. I have 100k followers on instagram and 60k on Facebook and enjoy empowering the younger generation.

I’m a world traveler and enjoy visiting ancient sites the best. Ive been to a yoga retreat in India and all over Bali and Peru by myself. I also love Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Thailand. I even studied a bit of Ayurveda in India and Bali.

I love writing, traveling, meeting new people, and…. BLUEBERRIES!