Dr. Adrienne Stewart


Dr. Adrienne Stewart,

Naturopathic Doctor, Owner & Medical Director

Credentials, Education, & Achievements:

Licensed by the California Board of Naturopathic Medicine

Residency in Family Medicine at Sonoran University Medical Center

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine with Highest Academic Achievement from Sonoran University of Health Sciences

Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Arizona

Founding Secretary of the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Coauthor and self-publisher of the book, Integrative Health: A Guide to Living Well while practicing with Dr. Alan Christianson

First Naturopathic Doctor to attend Dr. Andrew Weil’s elective rotation at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Certification in post-graduate training in Environmental Medicine with Dr. Walter Crinnion

Certification in mold literacy by Dr. Jill Crista

Prior member of Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)

Current member of California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (EndoANP)

Why I became a doctor?

When I was a young girl, I witnessed my mother struggle with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Going from doctor to doctor, I learned how I did and did not want my family to be treated and how disease can affect the entire family. These early experiences drew me to ask questions, look for the underlying cause of disease rather than mask the symptoms, and to truly listen to the body.

Being a naturopathic doctor means getting to do what I love by helping others on a daily basis. I personally know what it’s like to juggle a career, a family, a business while also having the challenges of a chronic autoimmune condition.

With my recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, I am on a mission to heal and share in my experience on what truly makes a difference.

With the fast pace of modern life, it’s common and easy to become off-balance. I love meeting my patients where they are in their journey and offering tips to become the best version of themselves.

What conditions I love to treat:


Thyroid Disease

Hormone Imbalance

Professional Moms

Busy Entrepreneurs

Things you may not know about me:

I married my high school sweetheart, Derek.

I’m a Midwestern girl, my parents are amazing farmers, and I have one sister who I adore.

I love to dance. I used to be a ballet dancer and trained at some of the top ballet schools in the nation.

I am a proud mom to two adorable little girls, Jazlyn and June.

I love artichokes! Yummy!

Wow. I just had my initial consult with Dr Stewart and immediately felt like I was meeting a friend not just a new doctor. I have been hypothyroid since my 30's that was diagnosed with the birth of my daughter. My body has been functioning well on levothyroxine until 3 years ago when suddenly my post menopausal symptoms took a sharp incline and I started having issues with dry skin, hair, constipation and more injuries... Because I was retired, I started researching and experimenting with solutions on my own and while I learned a great deal, nothing was making a difference (even cutting out sugar and alcohol which I completely believed was at the root of my problems). My thyroid was also not keeping up and my PCP was perplexed. While I was waiting on the endocrinologist referral, I sought out Dr. Stewart. She was also wait listed as long as the endo doc but i was hopeful for a cancellation and that just happened! Her knowledge was immediately apparent. I gave her my whole history and all the major points of trauma and lifestyle that have likely been causing my thyroid challenges and she lasered in on key issues and the solutions that feel exactly right (that I simply could never have found on my own). After 90 minutes, I finally feel I have someone on my team that knows what to look for and who can provide balanced actionable lifestyle and supplement changes that can get results and solve this puzzle of what's at the root of my thyroid problems once and for all. Hormones are so complex, and despite being an engineer and a good researcher, I could have spent years of investigation trying different tests before I'd gained any traction. The knowledge, experience and intuition that Dr Stewart brings to the table is priceless and worth every cent (in fact, don't tell her, but she may be undercharging! ;)) Such a relief to not be alone in this journey. Thank you Dr Stewart and Nourish team!
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Toni Merrill Avatar
Toni M.
I struggled with weight management for sometime and I am getting great results from the weight management program at Nourish. It is a game changer! Thank you Dr. Stewart for your thorough assessment that not just addressed my weight issues but your great workup that helped me identify other concerns we now have treated. Also shoutout to Alex the office manager for your excellent support and Colleen for working with my insurance. Love the team at Nourish!!!
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CortexRx Wellness Pharmacy Avatar
CortexRx W.
5 star ratingThis practice is amazing. I'm a patient here and a fellow healthcare provider, as I send many patients here as well. That being said, I'm specific and intentional in who I refer to. Dr. Natasha Monterey and Dr. Adrienne Stewart have been pivotal in my health journey. Empathetic, smart, and know their stuff! Highly recommend for thyroid, digestive health, adrenal fatigue and overall well being!
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Katie S. Avatar
Katie S.
Dr. Stewart and her team are true stewards of natural health care. They are prompt and supportive finding the best solution to your challenge. I would recommend everyone choose Nourish Medical Center for their health care needs!
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Secoya Health Avatar
Secoya H.
5 star ratingI am so grateful I found Nourish Medical and Dr Adrienne Stewart! Initially I came to her to help me uncover a lot of environmental exposures including mold exposure, which explained why I was having fertility, adrenal, thyroid, hormone imbalances. She's supported me and my husband since 2019 and I got wonderful support to detox gently before my first round of mini IVF in 2020. She shared her wisdom on if it was a good fit for me and truly showed so much care and encouragement through out the 4 years I've known her all while dealing with her own healing journey. She also helped me with an overactive thyroid in early pregnancy which was a little scary and really went above and beyond to help keep me and my baby well with the right medication. I went on to have a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby girl that is thriving today. I wish I contacted her sooner in postpartum because she really helped balance my hormones after pregnancy. I'm so glad I found her and was able to prepare my body for pregnancy so it was a safe environment for my miracle baby. We are so greatful!
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Lauren P. Avatar
Lauren P.
My mother had a recent discovery of potential thyroid cancer that ended up being multi nodular goiter. I'm a local Chiropractor and could help my mother to a certain point but I realized quickly we needed the help of Dr. Stewart (who I already refer my patients to). From making the appointment, creating the portal, filling out the paperwork - it was already exceeding what western medicine doctors offered. Her initial appointment was an hour long and she patiently went over my mothers past history, current symptoms, supplement regimen, medications and took her time in creating a tangible plan for her. She looked at ways to improve my mothers quality of daily life and provided tangible resources to help. Right after the appointment, we had a visit summary with everything we discussed and the front desk is quick to make a follow-up appointment. The time and energy put into the first appointment was well worth their initial cost. Unfortunately, current insurances control doctors which returns with minimal effort on doctors part to not "increase the cost of healthcare." By seeing Dr. Stewart, your health is at the top priority, not what your insurance will cover. Thank you 1000000x for taking care of my mom and constantly providing quality care.
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Teresa Crossley Avatar
Teresa C.
I found Dr. Stewart when I first moved to San Diego in 2018. I had been seeing an Endocrinologist back in NJ for over 10 years after being diagnosed with Hashimoto/hypothyroid and was not feeling well on Synthroid. I felt so at ease with Dr. Stewart the first time I met with her. So very understanding and helpful. She introduced me to natural thyroid that made me feel so much better. She really cares about her patients and is very thorough. I started seeing Crystal after I was experiencing anxiety and she is amazing too. Very caring and easy to talk to. When my husband passed away suddenly 2 years ago she really saved me. The support and help she provided me in the past few years is just amazing and I am forever grateful for her and the Nourish family.
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Michele Enlow Avatar
Michele E.
I've been with doctor Adrian Stewart for years and she has helped me in numerous ways you should check out their website and feel better now!
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Allison Brooks Avatar
Allison B.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Stewart for over a year now and could not recommend her & the center enough!! I have dealt with Lyme, black mold, hormone issues & gut health for over 3 years and she is the only doctor who has helped me get to the root of my problems. She thoroughly listens and understands everything you may be going through and does not stop working towards your end health goals until you achieve it! Truly the only doctor that has helped me feel a difference in my over all health!
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Hannah Degani Avatar
Hannah D.