Dr. Starr Ramson


Dr. Starr Ramson,

Naturopathic Doctor

*Each Nourish Medical Center associate provider is an independent contractor working collaboratively to provide complete wellness care for our patients.
Credentials, Education, & Achievements:

Member of California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association

Licensed by the State of California Naturopathic Medicine Committee

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Summa Cum Laude from The University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine

Recipient of Clinical Excellence Award and achieved highest academic standing

Doctoral Thesis, University of Bridgeport: The pathophysiology of appetite dysregulation and therapeutic strategies to influence satiety

Advanced training in classical homeopathy from The New England School of Homeopathy

Advanced externship study in naturopathic gastroenterology, functional medicine and pediatrics

Clinical intern and founding UB board member of Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health, Panajachel, Guatemala

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Summa Cum Laude from The University of Vermont

Why I became a doctor?

I grew up with a family health food and smoothie business. Cooking was my passion and for as long as I can remember; I was to become a personal chef to help people achieve health through food.

As a culinary student, I was awarded scholarship to study under chefs at a health and wellness spa in Europe. The spa offered natural medicine, hydrotherapy and was built around a hot spring. Here, my spirit was awoken by a new world of wellness that extended far beyond food. I was called to dive deeper into health…to healing.

I returned home to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at the University of Vermont. There, I discovered my passion for biochemistry and the ability of the human body to adapt to all kinds of stressors. I spent a year after my undergraduate studies apprenticing at a chronic pain practice. I was astounded by the co-morbidity of facial pain with depression, anxiety and history of abuse. I learned that genetics and environmental triggers must be considered in chronic pain and that treating the pain was only effective when we treated the whole person.

You are a unique being, like no other. Your genetics, nutritional, emotional, structural and biochemical parts all interact to manifest something much more complex than just the sum of your parts. Your vitality, which I like to think of as the pattern of responses that keep your body in balance, is equally spiritual as it is physical. Naturopathic medicine gives me the tools to see your whole story and to work with you to help you feel whole once again.

What conditions I love to treat:

All things women’s health: prenatal preparation, pregnancy and postpartum care, infertility, hormone imbalance, PMS, menstrual concerns, PCOS, peri-menopause, uterine conditions, post-birth control syndrome, etc

All things digestive: diarrhea, constipation, bloating, acid reflux, abdominal pain, gas, etc


Depression and anxiety

Thyroid imbalance, hypothyroid in pregnancy

Pediatrics: behavioral concerns, ADHD, ASD

Things you may not know about me:

I am momma to two joyful, spirited boys, Leo and Luca

My husband Sam taught me how to drive, yes this means I married my best friend from high school

I am a Vermonter, my absolute favorite thing to do is dive into ice cold waterfalls with my mom

I was a sushi chef for 5 years

My life’s passion is cooking delicious healthy food for my family.

I love a good twirl and bluegrass is my favorite music to dance to

I am a visual learner; I illustrated an entire book while studying for the medical boards and I still use it to this day

As a medical student, I helped four mommas deliver babies in Guatemala when the OB was unavailable

I have been through and will forever carry the tragic loss of a sibling

To learn more about Dr. Starr Ramson, check out:
Dr. Starr Ramson's Personal Website
I honestly cannot say enough good things about the doctors and office staff at Nourish. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how amazing they are and how much I love them! I have been working with Dr. Starr and Dr. DJ for almost a year now and I cannot believe the amount of progress I have seen! I love how they both take such a full body approach to healing; no symptom is too small or too insignificant to address and they work their tails off to get to the root cause of every single one. I remember crying after my first appointment with each of them because I finally found doctors who actually listened to me and were not rushing me out of the room to get to their next appointments.
I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's Thyroid Disease a few years ago (along with a whole host of digestive issues and terrible stomach pains) and in less than a year of working with Dr. Starr my thyroid levels and antibodies are finally within their normal range and I cannot believe how good I feel on a day to day basis! With Dr. Starr, I worked on detoxing through herbs and I was able to pass hundreds of parasites in no time.
I was also diagnosed with a scarring form of alopecia causing a lot of inflammation on my scalp, so Dr. Starr suggested that I pay a visit to their hair and skin expert, Dr. DJ. Dr. DJ took me under her wing and immediately got me on an amazing hair and scalp routine. My scalp inflammation is finally gone and I am now finding baby hairs in places I haven't seen new growth in over six years! Dermatologists in the past had always told me that minoxidil was my only option and I am so glad I chose to listen to Dr. DJ and Dr. Starrr who are healing me from the inside out. I love how the doctors here work together and put their patients first. These women are both absolute angels on earth! I know that they have both spent countless hours of their own time helping me and researching ways to heal my autoimmune diseases instead of just masking my symptoms. After visiting about 40 different dermatologists, endocrinologists, etc, and being ignored for my hair loss and digestive issues, I am always blown away by how much these women care about me and my health. They are both truly so selfless, knowledgable, and caring! I cannot thank Dr. DJ and Dr. Starr enough, as they have truly changed my life.
Aside from all of the wonderful doctors here, I absolutely love the office staff as well! They are always so welcoming, friendly, and incredibly helpful when it comes to billing and insurance. They are very upfront about the out of pocket costs of every test, visit, procedure, etc and are always willing to bill eligible items, like bloodwork, through my insurance. I believe the costs are very reasonable considering the care and knowledge you receive from the doctors here. I cannot recommend this office enough!
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Katie C. Avatar
Katie C.
I am so happy that I found Nourish Medical Center. They have been so caring and supportive during my healing. The staff is always so compassionate and kind. Dr. Starr Ramson has been amazing. Her care is so individualized and specific to my needs, not just a basic protocol like I have seen many other practices use. She’s truly a gem! So to say the least, I am so thankful for Nourish Medical Center and Dr. Starr Ramson. If you are tired of searching for answers to your health, please check out Nourish! I think you will be pleasantly surprised with their care. ✨
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LV Avatar
5 star ratingI recommend Nourish Medical Center to everyone I know!! Dr. Starr has completely changed my life. I first met her earlier this year after finding out I had the E. Coli bacteria. Not only did she relieve my pain and discomfort from the E. Coli, but she did comprehensive tests to check my overall health because of digestive issues I mentioned I had in the past. To my surprise, I had been living with many food sensitivities, poor adrenal gland function, and leaky gut without my knowledge. Not only is Dr. Starr healing me, she is doing it naturally!! She has a holistic approach and has taught me the food we eat is so important to our mental, physical, and emotional health. I can't thank her enough for all she has done, and I look forward to each visit.
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Emily R. Avatar
Emily R.
5 star ratingI HIGHLY recommend Dr Starr Ramson!! She is so knowledgeable & caring! She always takes time with me, which is helpful to her getting the big picture of what's going on in my body & I never felt like she was rushing me. I reached out to her a few years ago as I was having severe fatigue, dizziness & other alarming symptoms. I had seen my primary doctor but they couldn't help as they didn't know what was wrong. After my first appointment with Dr Ramson, she was able to pin point the cause, we had a game plan & after following her protocol, I felt amazing!!! She helped me understand more about my body & I can't thank her enough!!! Now a few years later, I'm seeing her to address gut health issues & I'm confident of victorious results!! I am forever grateful for her knowledge & support! She is one of a kind & I can't thank her enough!!!!!!
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Kymberlee E. Avatar
Kymberlee E.
5 star ratingI feel so lucky to have found Nourish and Dr. Starr Ramson! This December I will have been under the care of Dr. Starr for almost 2 years. She is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients. She has spent hours and hours of her time researching the best supplements and treatments for my various health concerns over the years. Dr. Starr has helped me eliminate candida overgrowth in my body as well as balance my hormones. Sorry, this might be TMI but I always have to keep it real. I had serious PMS with extremely heavy periods lasting 7 days...as well as major breast tenderness that would begin at least 2 weeks before menstruation. I was also very anemic because of the amount of blood I would lose every month. Imagine being miserable for 2 to 3 weeks out of EVERY month?! After some testing and about 3 months of taking the recommended supplements I was a different woman! My periods now last 3-4 days and the hemorrhaging is so much lighter than what it used to be. I also no longer have breast tenderness! So balancing my hormones has helped in more ways than one. Dr. Starr and I are now currently working on my energy levels and weight struggles (i.e. my adrenal glands and thyroid). Please keep in mind that alternative medicine isn't a quick fix...so don't expect immediate results. Getting to the root of your health issues takes time, but it is SO worth it. I've had so many "ah ha!" moments on this health journey with Dr. Starr and I'm very grateful that the universe led me to her as she is an amazing ND and has changed my life for the better.
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Michelle H. Avatar
Michelle H.
5 star ratingI don't know why it has taken me so long to write a review but better late than never.

So I had been having stomach problems for about two years. Every doctor that I went to just said the standard, give up dairy and bread, do paleo, take some probiotics. All without knowing the problem or even pretending to think about the cause. I was so frustrated but eventually decided to give it one more try and maybe I had just been looking in the wrong place. I started looking for a Naturopath, which to be honest I didn't know much about so I am so glad I followed through with it. I came in to see Dr. Ramson. Wow, she is a beautiful soul and amazing doctor in one. She actually tried to look for the problem before spitting out solutions, she cares about you as a person and not going to lie after a couple visits I think I would come in for a consult just to talk to her for an hour haha. Well back to my stomach problems. Through our time together we found that i had SIBO. We did a treatment and while I don't know just yet if I am SIBO free, I am doing so much better. I have way more "normal life" moments now that SIBO had taken from me. Not only that but she has helped me feel more in control of my overall health.

I am leaving San Diego and so sad that I can't take Dr. Ramson with me. I hope I can find another doctor that compares to her.
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Amy V. Avatar
Amy V.
5 star ratingDr Starr Ramson is an outstanding ND. I have been working with Dr. Starr since December 2019. She is incredibly smart, honest, empathetic, and hard working. I am always amazed at the vast breadth of knowledge she has. Working with an ND is a personalized journey to wellness and very different than traditional western medicine. Western medical care is sadly about sick care - give a diagnosis, find a drug to alleviate your symptoms rather than work on the root cause of your problem. Please know that working at the root cause is not a quick fix. It takes dedication by the patient. We do have the power to heal ourselves, but it takes work. I have worked with Dr. Starr for both myself and one of my kids. We had some complex issues given a mold exposure and another toxic exposure. Detoxing and changing habits with food can be complicated and quite scary. Dr. Starr will hold your hand and gently walk you through your journey. She is also quick to respond to email/communications and is very clear and thoughtful in her replies. Dr. Starr is also humble enough to admit when it is an area that she doesn't know enough about. She will either refer you out to another provider, or research the topic herself. She is a team player that will also coordinate/communicate with other doctors on your behalf. I have never worked with a doctor like Dr. Starr before that is 100% committed to her patients. Given the complexity of mold, we had cycled through a lot of doctors before finding Dr. Starr. Dr. Starr is the only one I can say that I have 100% trusted. She is my partner in this journey to wellness.
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Cathy P. Avatar
Cathy P.
Before working with Dr. Starr, I suffered with debilitating Chronic Fatigue that robbed my life of the joy I wanted to experience. Dr. Starr diagnosed my issues based on proper testing and found the correct solutions for my body. I highly recommend this extremely intelligent and caring doctor! She can change your life.
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Jeannie Ross Avatar
Jeannie R.
5 star ratingI highly recommend Dr. Starr Ramson! I have seen many physicians and nobody else was willing to take the time needed to find out what's wrong with me! Not to mention, my symptoms were dismissed and misdiagnosed often, told I was simply depressed and prescribed harmful medications that would have changed me forever. I was suffering everyday until I met Dr. Starr! Today, I have renewed hope for a better life. She identified the root cause of my condition and has successfully treated me for multiple issues. I have never met any doctor who is so knowledgeable & passionate about her career. On top of everything, she is genuinely kind and patient. Thank you Dr. Starr, you are truly amazing!
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Lori L. Avatar
Lori L.