Autoimmune Awareness,    Favorite Chewable Supplements and Tips for Picky Eaters!



In honor of March being Autoimmune Awareness and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, I want to share this beautiful artwork painted by my childhood ballet teacher, Adalhi.

I was so drawn to her art and when I looked into the symbolism of the octopus, I purchased it for my home office so I could be reminded of its importance on a regular basis.  The symbolism of an octopus is regeneration and healing, something I (and all my autoimmune warriors) can take inspiration from to acknowledge the power and capabilities of the human body, mind, and spirit.

Besides working on my own healing, I have many patients come to me with chronic conditions like fatigue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, perimenopausal symptoms and other autoimmune conditions. With chronic concerns like these, we often need to take supplements for targeted therapeutic benefit.. Year after year, I understand this is not always easy. I am sometimes really good about taking my supplements, and sometimes very bad and not compliant. Confession here: lately I’ve been more on the non-compliant side! This leads me to hit the reset button to start with my supplement regimen again. 

I’ve decided that a good way to ease into it is to start with yummy chewable supplements that I enjoy and can share with my family. After all, my kids and I do have a bit of a sweet tooth from time to time… 


I’ve done experimentation on some of the top brands that offer gummy or chewable supplements that are good for you and actually taste good too. Historically, I have found that a lot of other ones are too chalky or contain so much sugar, they have very minimal benefit. As a disclaimer, I am not saying these are indicated for everyone or that these are a good replacement for capsules or tinctures. Sometimes we just need a little bit of a nudge in the right direction and restarting with a chewable can be really fun and helpful!

Watch the full video of my favorite chewable supplements here!

And, if you have food sensitivities or a picky eater at home, check out our on-demand video recording, full of simple tips to help at the dinner table as well!

I hope this can help you and your family! 

To your health, 

Dr. Stewart